Saturday, August 13, 2011

and i am gonna go!!!!

I v come to post here after a really long time….n somehow my life s quite eventful most of d time (n am glad it s)…so it leaves me vd an array of thoughts dt can be elaborated n penned down…some sensational n some usual…n right nw some really exciting occurrence in my life s my vision getting concrete….d vision I hd for myself!!! I dunno if its d right thing to do but now I really wanna do it…so it seems right..of course I v certain fears…n a few guilts too…after al..I am responsible for bringin d wave of change..getting instability…insecurities n uncertainties in d life of those attached but ds time if I don go I d b discontented always…my move is not making sense to most around me n I mean to ppl whose suggestion n ideas I value but ds time I don seem to give a damn…n am really sorry but I don’t!! u guys still matter to me but I know wat I want…infact I v never been ds sure about anything in my life…maybe ds s nt d right step…but yrs later I don wanna sit back wondering maybe I cud ve made it big. Maybe dere ws something better waitin to get explored bt I never made an effort. I v achieved wat I cud bein where I its time to take dat leap…its time disconnect myself frm here n walk ahead. N as I say ds am filled vd d guilt of bein self-centered!!! Gawdd..ds s gonna b difficult!!!bt den as d famous sayin goes…nobody said its gonna b easy..dey jst promised it b worth it!!!

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